Raezor began as an undergrad thesis project in 2014.  When school was over, Rae decided she wanted to pursue her passion for creating latex clothes and creating a more body positive space in the fetish community.  By creating only custom pieces, Rae is able to really meet the needs of each individual through tailored fit and comfort.   Raezor Latex is currently on an indefinite hiatus, but Rae hopes you enjoy the portfolio photos.  


Rae decided to work with latex during her final years in the Ryerson University Fashion Design program; however, she knew absolutely nothing about making latex.  She spent a year interning with Ego Assassin, a Toronto latex design house, to develop all the skills necessary to craft well fitting quality latex garments.  For her final year at Ryerson she crafted a five piece collection, titled Fluid Evolution, for the Ryerson Fashion Show, Mass Exodus. 


Rae spent a year designing custom garments for burlesque performers, cosplayers, and other fashion forward individuals, however she knew that she wanted to continue improving her craft.  She moved to Berlin for a few short months for an internship with Fantastic Rubber, improving her speed with pattern drafting and learning different techniques.


Rae is inspired by historical costuming, Native American art, the Art Nouveau movement, flowers, and popular culture.  She blends her fashion background and techniques with her love for latex in every garment she creates.



While Raezor Latex is not currently accepting orders, head to deadoutside.com to see the health goth athletic wear Rae has been designing!


© 2014 by Raezor. 

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