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Introduction to Latex - a non fetishists' experience

May 23, 2016




As someone who dresses fairly modestly (read: comfortably), latex was never something I expected myself to enjoy wearing. Not only do my regular outfits regularly contain sneakers and hoodies, both are consistently oversized, baggy, and generally worn-to-hell. Now, those of you with a fashion sense reading this might be questioning your decision to trust me with clothing advice, but believe me, I work for significantly trendier gals. It’ll all make sense. Just stick around for the journey, because I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share.


1. There’s no one body type needed to look good in latex.


The first fear I had about wearing latex clothing is apparently a common one: I don’t want all my lumps, bumps, and rolls showcased for the world to see—no one thinks “stuffed sausage” is a good look. This is where Raezor comes in to save the day: every single piece is custom made for your body. There’s no cramming yourself into a top that makes your bosom runneth-over, or seams that ripple where your body should be filling out curves or muscles the designer imagined you might have. Where off-the-rack selections are created with an imagined generic body in mind, Raezor’s pieces fit your very real and very specific specifications. What does this mean for you? There’s no fearing the size tag. You’ll never have to acknowledge a sizing figure (small, medium, large, extra large), because none are attached to the clothing you pick: it’s size you. And as such, only you get to pick where you’d like to be sucked in, pushed out, or simply hugged and complimented as you already are.




2. Latex is not only for the bedroom.


While there’s no denying the sex appeal of a material that forms to your figure like a second skin, this is not where latex’s fashionable capabilities end. When I first approached company owner/operator Rae for an item made of latex, part of my stipulation was that it had to be something I could wear in front of family. From this request came a beautiful circle skirt, reaching from my waist to my knees with lots of flow and flounce to it. With a sweater on top and leggings underneath it could be a skirt suitable for winter; with a crop top and some sandals it was perfect for summer. Either way, it had the coverage I wanted and all the shiny, durable glory of latex. This was only the beginning of my everyday latex journey. Unlike many of the fetish items other latex companies showcase, Raezor’s pieces are made, to a large degree, with everyday wear in mind. While the company does have the sexy boudoir runway pieces, many of the outfits can be disassembled and rearranged to make outfits with other clothing you’d already have in your wardrobe. The standard sweetheart crop top or the very popular wench top look edgy and wearable with a leather jacket and jeans. The possibilities for application are endless, because after all, if you’re going to invest in custom clothing you want to be able to wear it for more than one occasion.




3. Latex is comfortable as hell.


This is the one I think people are most likely to fight me on; after all, isn’t latex super sweaty? No. Not really. Depends how much you sweat? As mentioned before, it can fit you like a second skin; at first your body may sweat for a few minutes as it adjusts to the new temperature, and then you will be fine. Promise. It heats up to match the temperature of your body, and you stop noticing you’re wearing it. If it’s a tight piece, it’s the closest to naked you can feel in public while being fully clothed (which I can assure you, is liberating). If it’s loose then you probably won’t sweat very much more than you would normally. If sweating is a problem for you (for example if you have a condition like hyperhidrosis), you can always choose items with breathable areas, for example open/plunging necklines, no sleeves, open or loose skirts, or you can pair smaller items of latex with other clothing of more breathable material so you still maintain the shiny statement piece of latex as well as your own comfort.


A second comfort to latex (for me) is the sensation of being hugged or squeezed lightly. Not enough to produce discomfort or claustrophobia (which I very much have), but enough to recognize that no matter how low-cut or short your clothes are they aren’t going anywhere. No adjusting, shifting, or paranoid tugging necessary, you know for a fact thanks to the mild sweating you have done and to the perfect fit of your custom piece, those clothes are staying exactly where you put them. If you think your clothes are going to be stuck in place a little too well and don’t relish the thought of struggling out of them, zippers, front clasps, and lubricant are available to ensure the pieces can go on and come off with the speed you want. Raezor’s staff are also happy to show you the best way to preserve and prepare your latex pieces so that you can take them off without fear of destroying the garment or yourself in the process.




I am only just beginning my trip down the rabbit hole into the world of latex, and every day I’m learning to open up to fashion a little bit more. I can think of no better environment to do it in than the one Raezor has set: body-positive, accepting of all genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, inclusive to all races, and enthusiastic about both couture and practical applications for fashion. There is something at Raezor latex for everyone—and if they don’t have what you’re looking for? Talk to the designers. They’ll make your latex dreams come true.








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